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Travel with tangle-free jewelry

Jun. 30th, 2015

Last year I created this travel jewelry case, which is not only practical, but also pretty cute. However, if you are about to pack up a suitcase and don’t have time to DIY – here is an easy trick to make sure your jewelry goes from Point A to Point B tangle-free!


DIY Marbled Jewelry Dish

Jun. 23rd, 2015

After making my DIY jewelry box, I decided that I wanted to display a few of my favorite pieces on the bathroom counter. I did some Pinterest research, as I tend to do when faced with a DIY question such as this, and discovered a whole host of ideas for jewelry dishes. Pinterest, you never let me down.

And so, may I present, one of my favorite DIY projects to date. The marbled clay jewelry dish.


White clay (all clay should be oven bake clay)
Grey clay
Black clay
Two clay accent colors
Gold paint (optional)
Sculpey gloss (optional)
Paint brush
5″ diameter bowl
Slightly larger oven safe bowl
Rolling pin or mug

1. Measure 6″ strips of each color. You will need two large white strips, one grey medium strip, two accent colors in medium-small strips, and a small strip of black.
2. Loop together the colors (all but white) and wrap like a candy cane.
3. Wrap your white pieces around your colors.
4. Once you have twisted each end (in opposite directions) place the clay candy cane down and roll it out with your hands. You should create a 12″ long strip.
5. Take the strip, fold it in half, and retwist like you did in step 3.
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 roughly 3-4 more times.
7. Take your 12″ long strip and smoosh it into a ball (you should be able to see all the colors on the outside of the ball).
8. Place the ball down and roll it out (in different directions) using your rolling pin or mug).
9. Take your small bowl, place it on top of the rolled out clay now roughly 1/4″ thick, and trace the bowl with a knife.
10. Place the round cutout clay into the bigger oven safe bowl. Push the edges of the clay flush against the bowl. Bake according to your clay’s directions.
11. Once the clay has cooled, pop it out of the bowl and paint the rim gold. Let dry.
12. Paint the entire bowl with the optional gloss. Let dry.
13. Showcase your jewelry in your new gorg bowl. Be proud – you made that thing!

Original project found on Beautiful Mess