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Kelly’s roundup: Favorite Ikea hacks

Jul. 25th, 2017

I’ve done countless IKEA DIY projects in my house because look what the results can yield!! Plus, I’m cheap. And kind of proud of it? Yes, I am. I’m CHEAP! Here are some amazing projects for your home with minimal dollar dollar bills required.

I’ve scoured the inter-webs and found my six faves. Pretty genius.

Clockwise starting with the top left: Spartan desk, Utility shelving, Rustic side console, Floating cabinetry, Styled bar cart, Mid-century modern nursery dresser


What’s in My Hospital Bag

Jul. 20th, 2017

Yes, I planned for the baby. I took birth classes, baby CPR, blah blah blah. But more importantly I spent a good deal of time planning a critical element pre-baby….the hospital bag. I’m not sure why, but I spent many hours in the dark interweb depths of pinterest looking at example hospital bags. There’s something sort of magical thinking about what you will be wearing whilst baby leaves your cozy uterus and enters the real world. I wanted to wear adorable PJs, so he could see what a stylish Mom he has…but I was warned that anything you wear those first few days will be ruined. Now, I didn’t want many more details than that, lest I decide I should not give birth after all and just keep him inside me forever. So I figured dark PJs with a print would be able to fight the good fight. And they were fine. So have faith, ladies! You can be comfy and sort of cute (though your level of caring about cuteness is about a negative 72% due to sheer exhaustion and overwhelming love). Nevertheless, I am so glad I thoroughly planned the hospital bag because when my husband asked where the deodorant, flip flops, underwear, dried mango, etc…were, I had a plan for it all!

Here’s what I brought organized by person (and it was so exciting planning for THREE people!).

1/ PJs  2/ Light weight bathrobe  3/ Heavy bathrobe  4/ Heavy duty slippers with tread (don’t wear dainty things around the hospital and I actually wore these basically everyday for the first eight weeks of his life)

5/ Maternity pants (just cause the baby’s out now, don’t think you are immediately past maternity clothes. Stretch pants are going to be your friend for awhile) 6/ Oversized sweater 7/ Nursing bra

8/ Sweats (kind of upscale sweats? Guys are so lucky they can look adorable in sweats). 9/ Hoodie 10/ Long-sleeve t-shirt (maj sale right now) 11/ Slippers

12/ His going home outfit.I love that his outfit has little pockets for his tiny baby keys and mini wallet. 13/ Back-up outfits (just in case).14/ Hats! (We live in Boston and he was born in January, so you better believe he was bundled up). 15/ Mittens. Yes, these things are tiny and the cutest accessory of all time. 16/ Socks

17/ I use these for all my travels and LOVE THEM.

And a couple things in these bags: Snacks (Trader Joe’s dried mango, TJ’s dried pineapple, Nut mix, Trail mix with chocolate); Electronics (Iphone chargers, Laptops, Digital camera)

Right when we got home. In his baggy, adorable, newborn outfit 🙂

The finished nursery

Jul. 18th, 2017

I dont know why, but decorating the nursery was one of the hardest rooms I’ve encountered. It felt like everything I picked, purchased, placed really mattered because it was going to be Magoo’s first room. In hindsight he sleeps in a bassinet next to my bed, so I should have splurged on fancy bedding and cute mom PJs since that’s what he looks at on the nightly. 

Regardless, I love the nursery. It’s where we read books, do our bedtime routine, and change the poop machine’s diapers. It is by far the most relaxing room in the house. A little baby sanctuary, if you will.

These are DIY pom pom curtains I made in this post. And you can see in all its glory the finished product from my quest for the perfect wallpaper. Wallpaper, by the way, takes 15 years to put up. 
Hanging out as we do with a fisheye lense.Ikea shelves made into floating bookshelves.
Animal art prints with target frames. These were on my must have list for the nursery.He’s so happy in his little jail!

That day we customized our closets

Jul. 13th, 2017

The topic of this post makes me feel old. But I will own it. I’m a woman in my thirties and I want a place for my manolos to rest. Ok, back pillow and over-sized cardigan, but if I had manolos, they would be oh so happy in my closet. In full transparency, I just googled how to spell manolos…that’s how far off they are from being a part of my life.

In our house we seriously lack storage space. Like, we don’t even have a hall closet! Who builds a home without somewhere to put the broom? We used the Container Store’s Elfa system (this post is not sponsored) and it was the best grown-up cash money I’ve ever spent. I can’t get over how organized things feel when your shoes have an actual place they belong.

We did four closets in total: Master bedroom, Magoo’s two closets, and the office closet. I’m covering the transition in our master and one of the nursery closets. In Magoo’s room he has two weirdly shaped closets. We affectionately titled them the hobbit closets, which the lady at the Container Store laughed (perhaps a little too hard?) at.

Hobbit closet before

I am wearing shorts here, I swear. They are just riding up a wee bit much. I’m going to blame the fourth month baby bump (not pictured) pulling them up up and away.

Magoo’s final closet! (Both are fairly similar on each side of the room)

Master bedroom closet before

This dude was the real deal. Also, our room is no longer this washed out poop color.

And the final master bedroom closet…this is not staged, I left it how it is to show you what an overstuffed, but awesomely organized closet looks like in my house 🙂

Perhaps my favorite part. Organized jewelry storage!

Less baby, more paycheck means…mixed emotions

Jul. 11th, 2017

My last day of maternity leave is met with mixed emotions. Well, to be real, are they really mixed? Maybe.

I did a trial daycare run with Magoo this week so that if being away from him for the first time was really difficult I wouldn’t be in the middle of a meeting crying in the corner. It’s been an overall okay experience. And one to test my micromanagement tendencies. I have given the daycare lots of feedback on a variety of things. “Please don’t put him in baby vegas”. I’ll dedicate another post to some of the crazy things for babies. I say “crazy” without judgement 🙂

I did debate staying home and quitting my job. Like, for reals. The camera man and I had a sit down heart-to-heart. And, after much soul searching (and I admit, maj tears), I decided that working (at least part-time) was the right decision for me. For now. Much like daycare, I’m giving work a trial run. If I can’t stomach leaving his sweet face four days a week, then adios corporate world, and hello to those stinky diapers that I actually love! Who. am. I.?

I don’t want to get political, that’s not what this blog is about, but I will say this. I had five months at home with my child. Five. Way more than many mommas out there have. And when I sat down with HR to discuss my leave beforehand I asked, “Will I get bored? Do people come back early? Five months out is a long time.” Hahaha. Turns out, I didn’t get bored. I did go crazy, didn’t sleep, felt overwhelmed and in over my head, but never bored. And despite the madness and that life is waaay more challenging as a Stay at Home Mom than it is as a corporate cog, I loved every single second. And I wish all moms who want it could have that sweet time with their babes. Handing him over at five months felt almost criminal to me. He can’t even crawl yet and I’m letting someone else care for him? Am I giving someone else my child to raise? Is this why I had him – only to hand him over to some stranger who will teach him the secrets of life without me? These are the guilt-ridden thoughts swirling through my mind as I type.

He’s in daycare right now and I am enjoying my last day – had a TREAT YOSELF day (e.g., spa, books, real housewives) – but I am dying to go pick him up early. As I write this, tears are welling up. I miss him. It’s been eight hours and I feel like I desperately need to see him and smell him. I don’t know what it is about his smell, but it sends me over the moon. 

Again. Who. Am. I.? I guess officially a Mom. 

This weekend…

Jun. 2nd, 2017

I am working on a collaboration that I can’t wait to share with you all. There are some incredibly talented people out there and I’m so excited to get this collab party started!

And, I also get to look at this. Spring is still here and it’s heaven…

Le bebe gets showered

May. 26th, 2017

My mom threw me the most amazing baby shower; it’s crowning jewel was a “Momosa bar”. She hosted at her house in Northern California, but I have such amazing people in my life that LA friends and family flew up for the day! I (and my baby) are pretty lucky.

For those throwing a baby shower the things I most appreciated (people excluded since they are obviously #1) included:

The cheekiest “bar” I’ve ever seen.

Bite-sized everything. From fruit kabobs to mini sandwiches wrapped in green onions, no one left hungry. 

Games, games, and more games. My idea of a party is people coming together as a group and having a bit of a giggle fest. Mission accomplished with my Mom’s version of Price is Right and the Name Game. 

A party isn’t complete without a theme. My mom used soft blues, whites, with pops of yellow. As well as Mom and baby elephants! I lurv everything with animals, so that theme won my heart.

And if that wasn’t enough, my grad school girlfriends in LA threw me a surprise baby shower when we did a ladies trip to Lake Arrowhead!

Baby celebrating is fun, guys. 

California Wall

May. 23rd, 2017

When the camera man and I packed up our bags and left California for the East Coast I was incredibly excited to see what a season really is (translation: lots of effing snow), but at the same time was pretty bummed out about having to leave my friends and family. The people I love are everything to me. I wanted to pack them up and take them with me. Short of being able to uproot all these people and install them in a little house down the street, I took a little souvenir from each of them and created a California “art” wall in my new home.

At a going away bbq, amidst the eating and libations, we put together a painting station where friends could create anything their little hearts desired. I discovered that I have some talented friends! People really got into it! And now when I look at my California wall and see my friends’ individual paintings I get to remember sixteen little pieces of California.  Also, the nugget looooooves staring at it.

Please note: Red solo cups. Keeping it classy.

Process to hang – I traced one of the canvases on top of a grocery bag and cut 16 squares based on this shape. I didn’t do any measuring when hanging, just eyeballed it to get an idea of where I wanted the display in my home. The level and ruler were busted out in the hanging stage.

And just cause I love them so much – all my painters!

A gift for my labor team

May. 11th, 2017

Yes, I am an overplanner. Yes, I do love to DIY. And yes, I did do this before I went to the hospital. In fact, I made these before I packed my hospital bag. Because they are adorable and why not?

I think it’s a sweet gesture to thank those who help you through your labor and your post-partum stay. And now that I’ve been through it and constantly rave about my hospital experience, the staff deserves this and more! Seriously. The nurses, midwives and doctors were angels sent by the universe to help me push a human through a tiny orifice. Too much? I know.

Cutting to the point. I made these with old leftover cardboard boxes. I cut them down to be a height where snacks could sit upright, covered them in wrapping paper, and made signs so we could put them in the breakroom and the staff could forage as they pleased. We received so many thank yous and helped satiate some rumbling 4am stomachs in the OB ward. So I encourage you preggo ladies, if you do have some time to throw something like this together, it really does feel worth it. These people become such a huge part of your life for three days. It feels pretty good to make them smile. Plus, don’t you want someone to like you who is going to be all up in your business? Just saying.  

Life with a 3 month old 

May. 9th, 2017

I’m back from maternity leave. I write this while I’m WEARING my baby. So maybe not fully back, but back to the blog and so happy about it.

Coming out of the fog post-baby is a real thing. When people say they are all consuming, they aren’t kidding. I really did believe I would keep blogging right after the little one emerged, but now that I’ve done it, I laugh at Kelly of the past. That’s not to say women don’t do it. My cousin had a baby in January as well. She birthed that little beauty on a Saturday and was back to work on Monday. Monday, I tell you. But I do not have super powers like her, and figuring out how to function on almost no sleep was the biggest adjustment that I didn’t know I would need to adjust for.

It’s funny, you hear so much about the lack of sleep, but I also heard babies sleep all the time, so I thought I would be just fine. In the first three days of his life I slept a collective three hours. That’s one hour a night. Now, I couldn’t obviously keep that up, but I probably sleep four to five hours a night these days in 2 hour chunks. I don’t want this to sound like a series of complaints. It’s definitely not (well, maybe a little “please feel sorry for me. I’m so tired!”), but not my main point. It’s just to say, I definitely had no creative juices left to write about my life, DIY and food, when my main goal was to shower four times in a week. Three times a week? Ew. I know. When I write it, I’m a little embarrassed. But if a newborn and your hubs are the only real people smelling you for awhile, that’s not soooo bad. Right?

Aside from the fact that I smell not quite as sweet as I used to, I’ve become a full blown baby person. Maybe just for my baby, but I’m all about the babes and his major (tiny to those in the outside world) milestones. He can lift his head like he’s superman and the pediatrician seems very impressed. No, she does not say that to all the patients, hubs.

My goals now are figuring out how I can nurture my sweet little boy, while at the same time pursuing my interests, hobbies, and dreams. I don’t have an answer, not even sure I have an idea yet, but I’ll keep you “posted” when I do. See what I did there?

All grammar and punctuation errors can be chalked up to these cheeks. Thank you for your understanding.