Fancy cakes

Dec. 25th, 2017

I visited fancy cake maker, Corinne, to watch her elaborate cake making process. Why? Well, cause it’s cool and why not?? 

Here’s what I learned from Corinne’s process:

Sketch whatever you’re making first. Don’t try and free flow this thing, unless you’re okay with a potential hot mess. And if you are – may the force be with you, you free spirit, you.

When you roll out fondant, poke holes with a toothpick where there are bubbles and reroll over that area until you have a nice flat surface.

If fondant gets too tacky (sticking to your hands, etc.), walk away for 20 minutes. You know how they say time heals all wounds? Well, apparently it heals tacky fondant as well.

Powdered sugar to fondant is flour to bread. Sprinkle away while you roll it out.

To get level fondant for all your lovely shapes, you can add a gauge to your roller which keeps the entire thing the same thickness. This was mind-blowing to me. You know how you hear of inventions and you’re like – of course! That’s how I felt when I saw this simple add-on. You could totally DIY it and add a rubber band stack around each side of your roller if you don’t want to make the investment.

Once you’ve made your shapes, assembled your cake, or are just taking a breather between fondant making steps – don’t put it in the fridge or freezer. When you take it out of the fridge/freezer, it will sweat. And sweat means things will start to fall off, slide down, look droopy. Corrine learned this one the hard way. The little creature butts below, sat in zip lock bags for a week until she was ready to assemble. Still totally edible!

Check out some of her creations and get inspired!




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