Life with a 3 month old 

May. 9th, 2017

I’m back from maternity leave. I write this while I’m WEARING my baby. So maybe not fully back, but back to the blog and so happy about it.

Coming out of the fog post-baby is a real thing. When people say they are all consuming, they aren’t kidding. I really did believe I would keep blogging right after the little one emerged, but now that I’ve done it, I laugh at Kelly of the past. That’s not to say women don’t do it. My cousin had a baby in January as well. She birthed that little beauty on a Saturday and was back to work on Monday. Monday, I tell you. But I do not have super powers like her, and figuring out how to function on almost no sleep was the biggest adjustment that I didn’t know I would need to adjust for.

It’s funny, you hear so much about the lack of sleep, but I also heard babies sleep all the time, so I thought I would be just fine. In the first three days of his life I slept a collective three hours. That’s one hour a night. Now, I couldn’t obviously keep that up, but I probably sleep four to five hours a night these days in 2 hour chunks. I don’t want this to sound like a series of complaints. It’s definitely not (well, maybe a little “please feel sorry for me. I’m so tired!”), but not my main point. It’s just to say, I definitely had no creative juices left to write about my life, DIY and food, when my main goal was to shower four times in a week. Three times a week? Ew. I know. When I write it, I’m a little embarrassed. But if a newborn and your hubs are the only real people smelling you for awhile, that’s not soooo bad. Right?

Aside from the fact that I smell not quite as sweet as I used to, I’ve become a full blown baby person. Maybe just for my baby, but I’m all about the babes and his major (tiny to those in the outside world) milestones. He can lift his head like he’s superman and the pediatrician seems very impressed. No, she does not say that to all the patients, hubs.

My goals now are figuring out how I can nurture my sweet little boy, while at the same time pursuing my interests, hobbies, and dreams. I don’t have an answer, not even sure I have an idea yet, but I’ll keep you “posted” when I do. See what I did there?

All grammar and punctuation errors can be chalked up to these cheeks. Thank you for your understanding.

DIY Pom Pom Curtains

Dec. 6th, 2016

I’m pretty obsessed with the pom pom curtain trend, but not so into the price tag that seems to go along with it. I found curtains at Urban Outfitters and Anthro, but they ranged from $70 – $180 for one set!! I’m not forking over that kind of cash for something I can make for $20 buckeroos.

Nursery wallpaper…& other life saving decisions

Nov. 17th, 2016

Preparing for a baby is the most exciting and stressful experience. In the process of cooking up this baby, I feel I’ve had to make a thousand decisions. Day care or no day care? Co-sleeping or straight to crib? Accent wall in the nursery or one calm color in the whole room? I’m not kidding about the last one. I am an indecisive optimizer. Read: crazy making for my poor husband. I’ve sat in what seems like 100+ gliders (for those not privy to the world of nurseries, these are the chairs that rock which I hear you sit in for hundreds of hours)…and alas, still haven’t picked one. When people ask if we have a name, I stifle laughter. “Do you know the magnitude of that decision?”, I think. “How on earth would we know that yet?” I realize, for normal humans, they probably know the name at this point. And probably have the glider in the room. But it took me three months to pick the wallpaper! And now that it’s up, I love it so so much. The room is still a bit of a shamble, but the wallpaper really makes my heart sing. I will eventually make the other decisions…I just hope I don’t have “Baby Boy” on the birth certificate.


8 Thanksgiving Tablescapes for Inspiration

Nov. 15th, 2016


Creating a Thanksgiving table that represents the vibe and style you want to convey can be creative, fun, and perhaps a touch stress inducing. Hoping the tablescapes below inspire your imagination (you can do some easy and cheap projects!) and ramp up the style in your home.

Color explosiondiy-tapered-candle-holder-5Sugar and Cloth

Semi-edible centerpiece2lgn-7-copyLittle Green Notebook

Ombre adorablenessombrepumpkins_01cOh Happy Day

Dollar Tree solutionspumpkins-pinterest-e1442821544638Up to Date Interiors

Kid friendly and fun
thanksgivingkidstable8Say Yes

DIY touches1_paperpumpkinsMinted

Food and floraltabletop-4Apartment 34

Balloon bonanzadiy-thanksgiving-balloons-11-600x900Studio DIY Tie them down the center of the table, but with strings long enough so you can see the person across from you

The Burgeoning Bump: Maternity Style at 12 Weeks

Nov. 3rd, 2016

I shared the exciting news in my last post that I am expecting. And with all that excitement comes a whole lot of body changes. At 12 weeks I didn’t have an official bump, but struggled to button my pants. It’s an in between stage that can be difficult to dress.

In this series I will take you through my pregnancy and what I’m wearing to camouflage or highlight the burgeoning bump.

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