Two Cents: Kelly and the Cameraman

Aug. 24th, 2016


I travel a good amount for my job and personal life. And while I love exploring new places, the jet lag can be killer. The cameraman and I are here to give our two cents on how you can fight the good fight against jet lag.

Kelly’s two cents:

1. Unless you are taking a red-eye from your city of origin and landing in the AM at your destination, do not sleep on the plane! I used to fly from Ghana to Los Angeles and those 17 hours in air were killer. But I stayed awake, powered through, landed in the afternoon and stayed awake until 8pm LA time. Then crashed so hard my pillow felt like a thousand baby angels holding me in the air. I would wake up in LA the next morning feeling adjusted to the timezone. It’s hard, but completely worth it the next day.

2. While you’re awake on that long flight, perform all your normal personal hygiene routines. Go wash your face, brush your teeth, etc. when it’s “bed time” and repeat when you would be waking up. It will help keep you awake, but also save you from feeling disgusting and sticky when you land.

3. I’m a snack eating machine. If it were an Olympic sport, just forget about it competitors. I’ve got this one locked up. On the plane I am no different. Unless you are flying First Class, the peanut/pretzel situation can get a little tired. So I pack a large quart size ziplock of my favorite snacks. If I feel like dried fruit, I have it. A cliff bar? Yep, Kelly, you planned ahead. Pb&j? But of course Madam. I have whatever it is I’m craving and it makes the flight that much more enjoyable.

And the cameraman weighs in:

Kelly, that sure seems like an impeccable plan! Where, I wonder, did you learn all of those tricks? The cameraman will now claim credit for your wondrous ideas and give you the science behind it…well, I guess the pseudoscience behind it. Or in other words, I have some theories….

1. Get tired. Nothing wigs the body out more than being totally and completely exhausted. Everyone has pulled an all-nighter, and my feeling is that your circadian clock is put on snooze while you linger in this weird zombie-like trance state, but once your head hits the pillow, it starts right back up. So, learn to love the haggard, travel-trance, and then plan to crash for a good 12 hours, and bingo! Right on schedule, whether you’re in London or Tokyo.

2. This is a Kelly special. Keep clean everyone, or else she might give you the stink-eye from across the airport lounge.

3. Your stomach rules the roost. Have you ever heard that you have more bacterial cells than human cells in your body? Well it’s true. What does that have to do with jet lag? Maybe nothing…maybe everything! Who knows, but what I do know is that your gut, which is full of little microbes, puts you in bad moods, makes you happy, and has been scientifically proven to communicate with your brain.  if you adjust your eating schedule to coincide with your destination, your little gut microbes will be fooled into readjusting their clocks.  So, the day you’re traveling try to force yourself to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and I’m talking every calorie you would normally eat even if you’re feeling full, according to Australian time, cause that’s where every fun plane takes you, isn’t it?

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