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Quick Tip: Freeze fresh herbs in ice cube trays

Nov. 13th, 2013

Well, as I’ve said before, I’m no expert at these projects and I promised I would show you the bumps I experience along the way.  This quick tip (small disaster) proves just that! You still learn the magic of transforming your fresh herbs into handy ice cubes you can pop into any recipe that last for months, but you get to see a little snafu along the way.

Never find a bag of indistinguishable once-were-herbs in your fridge again!

Fresh Herb
Blender (not a cuisinart- you’ll see why!)
Ice Cube Trays

1. Blend your leftover fresh herbs with enough water to fill the ice cube tray (the ratio is roughly one-third chopped herbs to two-thirds water).
2. Pour blended mixture into tray and add any additional water that may be necessary.
3. Pop in the freezer and a couple hours later you have ready to go herb ice cubes!