Monthly Archives: February 2016

DIY Inking Ceramic Mug

Feb. 9th, 2016


Alcohol inks meet ceramics in the most glorious way. If you have 20 minutes and a few bucks you can afford this project. Watch below and enjoy!

Marbled nail polish candle votives

Feb. 1st, 2016

It’s the new year. It’s time to have some people over and maybe serve them some food. You know the tasks. Put away that pile of clothes in the corner, sweep the floors, and scrub the toilet (ugh – still hoping my camerman will take this one on). But here’s a task that’s not a bore. Making your decor! I’m slightly (read, fairly) obsessed with candles. I like them classic and white. Colorful. Scented a strong vanilla. Or no scent at all. This DIY is simple, easy to change, and on the crazy cheap. Marbled candle votives. With nail polish. Ya heard me. Nail polish. Any mix of colors you have lying around can make for a beautifully colorful marbled look. How’s that for painting romance and fun in one sentence?

So no more excuses….except for the toilet. Seriously, even if it *looks* clean, the thought of wiping down that surface is gag city. Ok, so we will forget the toilet, spray some febreze in the bathroom,  and light our candles in their new marbled votive homes. Watch below to see how to make these beautiful little gems.