DIY Wallpaper Fridge

Jun. 15th, 2014

The major eye soar in my tiny kitchen was my 70s-esque fridge. I live in an apartment and can’t make any permanent changes, but discovered a non-permanent solution. All it required was some temporary wallpaper, a hope and a dream! See below to learn how I revamped my fridge with temporary wallpaper.

Temporary Wallpaper
Box cutter / Exacto knife
Ruler (Sewing ruler preferable) / Tape Measurer
Screw driver
Paper / Pen

1. Measure all planes of the fridge including side panels of both doors. Recommendation: Draw a sketch of fridge and write dimensions on sketch.
2. Use fridge sketch with measurements and map out measurements on the back of wallpaper based on sketch. This is important so that the pattern aligns.
3. Label each side of the wallpaper “top” or “bottom” and “left” or right”.
4. Once all pieces are drawn out and you are sure patterns will align, cut paper using box cutter against a straight surface (e.g., a sewing ruler).
5. Remove fridge door handles. Remove screws from the top of fridge handle. Next, remove cover from the bottom of fridge handle. Then remove screw that is under the cover. Remove handle from the fridge.
6. Repeat step 5 for freezer handle.
7. Starting at the bottom of the fridge, peel back off the first main piece of wallpaper and work to adhere from the bottom left corner up, moving diagonally toward the center of the fridge. Recommendation: Smooth surface as you go with ruler to avoid bubbles.
8. Adhere all front panel pieces.
9. Remove back off smaller piece to adhere to fridge edge or lip. Make sure to pull wallpaper over the edge for better staying power. Cover all edges of the freezer and fridge.
10. Reattach handles.
11. Present your awesome fridge to the world!

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